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Trisaic™ for the iPhone and iPod Touch

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Trisaic game board screen shot
Trisaic game board screen shot
Trisaic game board screen shot
Trisaic game board screen shot
Trisaic game board screen shot

The object of the game is to find the pairs of adjacent triangles, those sharing a common side, that have a color and a center that matches. The center can be solid, a circle, or triangle.

Touch the triangles to change their color. The number of colors available for each triangle is the level number plus one, thus the first level begins with two color possibilities for each triangle.

The game randomly selects the set of available colors for each individual triangle. The screen shows the number of matches needed to complete the level.

Note that some triangles will not have a match.

There are ten available levels in the commercial version and two levels in the Lite version.

Press the small "i" on the lower left of the screen to display the opening screen. This allows you to choose the options screen, the instructions screen, or to generate a new game at the current level.

May luck and skill be yours!

There are currently no known problems for Trisaic.

There are currently no known problems for Trisaic Lite.

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The opening screen displays three or four options for you to select from. The "New Game" button will clear the gameboard and regenerate a new set of triangles for you to play with.

The "Instructions" button will display a short set of instructions that will help you to play the game.

The "Options" button will display the options screen that will allow you to jump to different levels of the game.

The fourth option only displays if you have already started a game and suspended it by exiting the gameboard.

As always, have fun with the game and look for the mathemtical patterns in the game.

The options screen allows you to directly change the level of the game. You must then start a new game before continuing. Press the "Start new game at level selected" button. This will create a new set of triangles at that level.

If you don't want to change the level, then choose the "Cancel any changes and resume game" button. This will just return you to the gameboard you came from.

This screen displays a brief set of instructions to help you play the game when you cannot surf to this page.

Congratulations! You've completed a level of the game.

It only gets harder from here. We challenge you to clear the gameboards all the way through level 10. Can you do it in fewer and fewer moves?